Amorinda in RedStone is back!!

Hi all,


I've been back for a few weeks, and suprised by all the new things, but also a lot is still the same!!

Maybe I will stay a little to see what its all about ;)

(sept 2015)


I don't play anymore since 2010 or so. I have lost my chars and didn't want to start over again. I was a lvl 250+ Demon and also a lvl 190+ Archer (Cyanida). My main fun in these games is questing and people, I am not very good in PvAnything.

So, I spend a lot of time making this site... I removed it when I had to transfer it to a new server, but yesterday I rediscovered it and thought: "sad it's all the work for nothing...." So I put it back up!

Love Amorinda (dec 2013)


Keep in mind!!!!
This is a lot of old information, use it as you please, but dont hold it against me


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